Coil & Casting Heaters for Hot Runner Moulds

  • Coil & Casting Heaters are used for hot runner molds, spru bush, nozzle and many more applications
  • A very wide contact surface results in exceptionally high levels of thermal conductivity towards the body that needs to be heated
  • Optimal insulation results in very long life duration
  • Heavy-duty construction results in very high resistance to mechanical shocks
  • Operation temperature up to 700Ëš C (1300Ëš F)
  • Optional built-in thermocouple for high-resolution temperature measuring (J-type standard; K-type on request)
  • Heaters can be incorporated into brass or aluminum castings
  • Wide range of straight standard heaters normally in stock, ready for coiling/shaping; Cross section available: 3mmx3.3mm and 2.2mm x 4mm
  • Also available in other options
  • Technical Specifications