Mica Insulated Band & Strip Heaters

  • EXCEL’s Mica Band Heaters are widely used to heat the molds, dies,  nozzles and especially to heat the cylinders (barrels) on all types of plastic(s) processing machinery
  • The mica heater is most economic
  • It provides excellent thermal conductivity as heat transfer is by “conduction”
  • Due to its best heat transfer capability, faster heating up & cooling down is possible
  • Maximum sheath temperature upto 480°C (900°F)
  • Maximum watt density = 25 watts/square inches
  • Note: In case where high watt densities are require, it is important that All  heaters should be used with appropriate, approved and precise  temperature control/sensor device(s)
  • The built in insulation is specially formulated for the excellent heat  reflection &performance capabilities
  • The low mass heaters give the best controllability. The lower the thermal  mass, lesser time required to deliver the heat to the object to be heated.  Due to low mass and high conductivity, the“Polymer Melt” is heated  quickly. Resulting autotune function on a control works best.
  • Flexible one or two – piece design makes installation faster & easier . Its  flexible construction also allows the heater to be opened to the full  diameter of the cylinder
  • The most common square, rectangular and hex-shaped mica heaters can be manufactured as per your specifications in one or two piece units. Available with leads or terminals
  • EXCEL’s exclusive method of designing, maximizes the element wire coverage of the heated area. This results in uniform heat distribution & longer heater life
  • The heater meets progressive requirements of the plastic processors
  • Technical Specifications