Heat Cool Combination Heaters

  • Excel’s Heating and Cooling Combination Heaters are sued on Extruders and Blow Moulding Machines. It is 60% open by perforated metal sheet which ensures maximum surface exposure for better cooling.
  • The Heater band is covered with blower for mounting the blower. Advantages of air cooled operation includes lower cost, easy replacement, low maintenance, no leakage problem and uniform temperature control.
  • The outer cover casing of the heater is made from stainless steel sheet, with detachable cover for simple assembly & mounting flange for cooling fan.
  • Specially designed internal air distribution channels and exhaust vents.
  • Spacious terminal box for electrical connection.
  • Available with bore holes, thermocouple bridges and cut outs provided that the measurements permit and fitted with ceramic band heaters and for cooling we have used special copper fins of 61 mm width.
  • Technical Specifications