Tubular Heaters

Finned Tubular Heater

It is ideal for transferring heat to air or other gases. Finned tubular heaters are manufactured in a very wide range of dimension and power ratings. They can be shaped into any pattern, depending on the application. Complete air heating batteries that incorporate finned tubular heaters are designed and built to meet the requirements.

Water & Oil Immersion Heater

Efficient, compact heating units designed to provide bulk heat flow system processing fluids or for liquid accumulators. Normal and certified hazardous area constructions very widely used to heat water, oil, gases or for heat transfers.

We can supply standard as well as custom built purposes. Available in both round and square flange with built in probe and thermostats on request.

Alkaline / Titanium Heater

Made by nickel chrome sheeted heating elements, mounting one side of the vessel, easy to remove and clean.

It is used in Alkaline cleaning solution, detergent and other alkaline solution normally corrosive to mild up to 90 deg C.

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