Ceramic Jacketed Heaters

Top Quality Power Saver UPTO 20% POWER SAVER

  • Ceramic Jacketed Heaters are EXCEL’s premium product since three decades
  • Especially to heat the cylinders (barrels) on all types of plastic (s) processing machinery
  • The key to the ceramic – jacketed heaters is its superior design to save power
  • Outer insulation jacket conserves energy
  • Up to 20% of power consumption reduced
  • Maximum watt density = 50 Watts/square inches
  • Note: In case where high watt densities are required, it is important that all heaters should be used with appropriate, approved and precise temperature control/sensor device(s)
  • Maximum sheath temperature up to 800Ëš C
  • Use of special ceramic material “steatite” with high thermal conductivity
  • The model is designed & constructed with special effective dual insulation which reduces the rate of heat radiation/loss, resulting swift rise in the temperatures of the object to be heated
  • Uniform heat distribution throughout the barrel
  • Reduction of thermal shocks on polymer melt, resulting in improved quality
  • Good shine of your finished products
  • Increases productivity
  • Ceramic Jacketed heaters meet progressive requirements of the plastic processors
  • Technical Specifications